Scrub Mountainboards GLD DH 2010

Scrub Mountainboard GLD-DH Downhill 2010 Landboard ATB

Top Downhill und Freestyle Board mit hochwertigen Materialien und neuartiger High-Performance-Deck Laminierung. Dieses Board ist für extrem hohe Geschwindigkeiten ausgerichtet und bietet dem Fahrer einen hohen Komfort. 3-Speichen-Felge.

Scrub GLD-DH Downhill Moutainboard Beschreibung:

The Scrub GLD-DH is our top level down hill board, a completely new board built with the highest quality materials and our new innovative high performance deck lay-up giving the rider our most responsive deck to date. With assured reliability, developed in our West Country workshop to give riders the performance they need at a great price.

The GLD-DH has standardised component fixings, drilled to fit skate or channel trucks to allow you to customize your board with all the aftermarket parts you like, although this Board comes as standard with the Boost light top adjustable Channel Truck for instant Tweaks that may be needed on track!

Light and ready for all chaos you want to bring to your local spot, be that down hill or freestyle not forgetting this boards striking good looks with our gold weave construction that the board is made with shining through the graphic.

Scrub GLD-DH Moutainboard Features:

* 7.1 kgs
* Boost light top adjustable Channel Truck
* New Scrub 3-spoke stomp wheel with enlarged footprint
* 8" Scrub lightweight tyre & tubes
* New Scrub ratchet Bindings
* Newfull composite caped deck
* Wood core
* Active yaw control

Scrub GLD-DH Moutainboard Technologie:

Active Yaw Control is built into this decks construction and is the technology that's within the composite that reduces the "yaw or twist" in the deck allowing the rider to put down more power, hold a better edge or line and have better feedback from the board at all times.

This deck has had the finest maple wood sourced for its core.





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