Scrub Mountainboards Psycho 2010

Scrub Mountainboard 2010 Psycho Landboard ATB


Scrub Mountainboard 2010 Psycho Landboard ATB Beschreibung:

Komplett neu designtes Holz Composit Deck mit 5-Speichen-Felge für eine zuverlässige gewichtsersparende, bessere Performance. Die Comfort Velcro Bindung rundet das Gesamtpaket für den Fahrer ab. Super verstellbare, leichte 12 mm Channel-Truck-Achse mit ovalen Dämpfern. 90 cm Länge, 5,5 kg.

The Psycho is our new recreational kite board, made for all those who love to kite and need a well specked reliable board that won't cost you an arm and a leg!
This board comes with skate trucks as standard and has all the fitting points so you can upgrade to channel trucks if you wish.

Scrub Mountainboard 2010 Psycho Landboard ATB Features:

Completely re-designed composite wood deck with greater "Pop" supported by scrub 5 spoke rims for reliable weight saving and better performance ride.
Comfort enhanced Velcro bindings make this an outstanding package for the recreational kite boarder looking to improve.
The Psycho comes complete with pre-drilled holes ready for channel trucks should you wish use them.

* Re-designed composite wood deck
* Scrub 5 spoke Nylon with fibre, 5 spoke rims
* 8" Scrub light weight tyres
* Comfort enhanced Velcro bindings
* Sand die-cut, black grip tape
* Hollow 12mm Axle Skate Truck
* 6.1 kg





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